Hear from our clients

SMSCMC is proud to have been recognised by a range of customers and local communities and charities, whom we are honoured to support.

Procurement, maintenance and supply chain services for a high profile client

SMSCMC team has provided outstanding and professional procurement, maintenance and supply chain management services to my company.
Throughout our engagement, SMSCMC ensured high availability of parts and components that are critical for our business, on time delivery which satisfied the highest levels of service performance, quality repairs and value for money.
SMSCMC support is much appreciated and I am pleased to sign a follow-on contract with them for the next four years.

Development of an extensive and high standard apprenticeship program for Saudi nationals

SMSCMC provided vital support in developing, establishing and executing an apprenticeship program that trains young Saudi candidates to the very highest standards in supply chain management and is recognized by leading chartered supply chain institutes.
So far, this 18 month extensive supply chain training program has successfully graduated two groups of Saudi Nationals, who have developed their skills in support functions such as project management, sales and marketing, specialized ERP system operation, in addition to core technical skills in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management. The graduates are already employed and filling various business positions within their respective participating companies.
We would like to thank SMSCMC for their true dedication and commitment to Saudization and the development of business capabilities within the Saudi workforce.

Critical Operational Support

I’d just like to highlight the excellent support we’ve had from SMSCMC on this issue. We had a significant risk of grounding [aircraft] because of this, which has been largely mitigated due to the close work between our organisations.

Fleet Recovery

Firstly, I’d like to thank you for the excellent work you have done in establishing a supply chain for the repair of our most critical asset. Following the recovery of our [asset] supply (again, good work by SMSCMC) this is now the final piece in the jigsaw for our fleet recovery.

Supply Chain Solutions

I am writing to thank you for the excellent support your team has provided with regard to the re-establishment of a supply chain solution for the overhaul of our assets. As you know, this has been the most critical component across our in-service fleet for some time and the loss of capability [within a third party organisation] has caused some significant operational impact. However, the hard work and close collaboration of our respective teams resulted in [assets] received yesterday. This is down to some excellent focus from SMSCMC staff.