Automotive & Land Vehicles

We understand that operating a fleet of vehicles has its challenges. From sourcing the required spare parts and equipment at competitive prices and ensuring their availability on time to conducting preventive and advanced maintenance for all your vehicles types. Failing to do so may mean downtime for your vehicles, which can cause significant service disruption and deteriorating quality levels.

This challenge becomes especially important once your company grows and your fleet size increases. Avoiding disjointed and fragmented supply networks is crucial to ensure constant availability of critical equipment and spare parts to service your vehicles.

In addition, optimising your procurement and warehousing activities enables you to use your growth to your advantage. For example, a disjointed fragmented network makes it hard to obtain reduced prices from demand consolidation. To achieve economies of scale, you need to consolidate your purchasing activities and optimise your warehousing and distribution network.

At SMSCMC, we understand good practice in Procurement, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management and Warehousing & Logistics solutions. Partnering with us means using our knowledge and capabilities in supporting you to meet future challenges.