Our services within Procurement include:

Procurement strategy development

We work with your business to design and develop comprehensive procurement strategies that cater for you specific business needs, guide your procurement decisions and help you reduce your procurement costs.

Supplier identification, negotiation and selection

Our expertise and relationships with suppliers enable SMSCMC to identify, negotiate and obtain the optimum price for your equipment and material. Once suppliers are sourced, our in-house experts develop contracts to derive the maximum value for your business.

Contract management

We establish and manage contracts with suppliers throughout the procurement lifecycle. We also manage contract renegotiations and renewals to ensure your business obtains sustained value and service.

Supplier performance management

We manage supplier performance based on defined contract terms and service level agreements that reflect our customer’s needs.

Purchase order management

We take charge of your purchase orders, from initiation to delivery.

Customer support

We provide professional customer support making sure your requirements are fulfilled and your concerns and issues addressed.

What we achieve in Procurement:

  • Reduced material costs and improved value for money
  • Reduced order lead times
  • Higher availability of critical parts and materials
  • Urgent operational requirement service
  • Longevity and certainty of supply
  • We free up your time to focus on core business, while we handle your procurement activities
  • Tailored solutions to meet your budget