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I am currently looking for a new opportunity after a career path in the United States and have done a variety of engineering projects throughout my career. I have the ability to analyze, evaluate, and lead engineering and management assignments as well as the capacity to develop a leading work environment. I am capable of working with teams and individuals of different cultural backgrounds. I want to fully explore the body of the workplace, grasp the working knowledge of engineering, business dynamics, and enhance management skills.

 I am looking forward to becoming a part of SMSCMC, which will give me a leading edge career. I have selected SMSCMC due to the outstanding reputation, working facilities, business ethics, and emphasis on the Maintenance and Supply Chain industry. I would be grateful if you consider me for hiring to the available positions, Thank you for your consideration and waiting for the kind response.  


Ammar Alasmi Researcher, Engineer, Project Engineer 

Ammar Alasmi

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