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SMSCMC Proud to Industrialise Whilst Delivering its Diversity and Inclusion strategy

SMSCMC, in collaboration with BAE Systems AIR Saudi Arabia, is pleased to have supported the successful transformation of more than 80 supply chain employees working at the RSAF bases in Riyadh, Tabuk and Dhahran. As part of an overarching strategy to support the Kingdom's Vision 2030, the transformation process is seeking to create jobs and careers in local companies; develop and localize defense capabilities, transfer technology and skills, and increase the optimal integration of local services such as supply chain, maintenance and logistics. SMSMCs commitment is to build and leverage the benefit from the combined skills and expertise of those individuals transferring into SMSCMC to enhance the service to the armed forces and to create real long-term capability transfer and career opportunities. The CEO Mr. Tony Barton, endorsed SMSCMCs commitment to Vision 2030, placed emphasis on the company’s goals to significantly increase integration of local content and logistic capability in Kingdom and beyond. He explained that SMSCMC have both the motivation and capability necessary to equip and empower young male and female Saudis, with the skills required to manage and accomplish the goals of the company and its positive impact on the Kingdom. This will be achieved through the provision of employment opportunities, professional career development and real challenges in a high tempo operational environment.

Mr. Barton adds “this process gives individuals the opportunity to join a dedicated and successful supply chain company which is supporting many of the armed forces key operational activities. This means that our employees have highly visible opportunities to demonstrate their supply chain skills and potential. We will support them in their development and I have every confidence that many of our Saudi national employees will go on to take critical leadership positions, adding real value to KSA. ‘We already have many Saudi employees who are making a real impact and the transformation activity means that the scale of the company’s activities continues to expand and grow throughout the Kingdom and potentially beyond. We are determined to ensure that the complete end-to-end supply chain is focused on the Saudi armed forces as a highly valued, priority Customer.’ In addition, Tony emphasized that SMSCMC is prioritizing the empowerment of women by building on the recruitment of 5 Saudi female graduates in late 2017. These females are now integrated into areas including human resources, procurement, commercial, finance and government relations. Further recruitment is underway with SMSCMC’s first female executives expected to be in place in 2018. This provides women the with the opportunity to progress in various areas of expertise within supply chain, in line with the national approach throughout other areas of Saudi society, as a result of the recent empowerment and support of the leadership of Saudi Arabia. Tony added that the company is working with BAE Systems and fellow KPCs in the Diversity and Inclusion Program in order to enable individuals to work in environments that are safe and preserve their full respect and rights, whilst considering the integrity of the traditions and customs of Saudi society.

Last but not least, Mr Barton added ‘we also don’t overlook the key contributions made by our expat employees. The pace of change in Saudi Arabia is challenging but exhilarating and particularly in the KPCs. I’m really proud of the way all of our employees in SMSCMC, regardless of background, have embraced the changes and are working together to make successful transformation a reality.

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