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SMSCMC sends its first fully Saudi team to test and accept a Hawk engine

In a first of its kind, the first Saudi team of the Saudi Maintenance and Supply Chain Management Company (SMSCMC) tested and accepted the engines prior to their packaging and sent them to Saudi Arabia from the UK.

The Saudi team, consisting of Ayman al-Surhi, Hani al-Zahrani and Omar al-Kathiri, is the first Saudi team to carry out the inspection, testing and acceptance of engines. Previously, European experts were required to perform this task.

Mr. Tony Barton, CEO of SMSMCC, expressed his pride in the team that completed the inspection and acceptance task. He said that the Saudi team has performed the inspection and acceptance of the aircraft engine in a highly skilled and professional manner, at a quality not inferior to European experts

Mr. Barton added that this work is part of the company's efforts in supporting and empowering the Saudi youth who are the pillars of the Kingdom's vision 2030, which emphasizes the importance of investing in the energies of young people, which constitute the most important resource of Saudi economy.

Barton confirmed that the vision of SMSMCC, a subsidiary of BAE Systems, which specializes in the management of supply lines, emphasizes the provision of the finest and most advanced supply chain management services to its partners in accordance with modern international standards.

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