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Investing In Our Future by Investing In Our People

SMSCMC continues to deliver its training program “Supply Chain Developing You” (SCDY) which to date has delivered training for over 80 employees across Riyadh, Dhahran, Taif and Tabuk, helping them to develop and expand their knowledge of new supply chain techniques whilst providing them with knowledge of processes and practices used across global industries.

The courses cover supply chain capabilities such as Inventory Management, Demand Forecasting, Demand Management and Physical Logistics at multiple levels from beginner to expert. The courses also come with an accreditation on completion of post course projects which are internationally recognized.

Nick Roberts, Director of Supply Chain, stated that the delivery of a career pathway for supply chain professionals, underpinned by accredited interventions is a key strategic goal for the company. Nick added, the Kingdom is going through a transformation to achieve the goals of vision 2030 related to the localization of military spending and by investing in our people, we are developing our skills and capabilities to be responsive to market changes which will ultimately allow us to deliver cost effective performance to our customers.

Abdullah Alahmari, Supply Chain Manager, added “Although the pandemic impacted global supply chain, we, in SMSCMC, take pride that we successfully met our Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and schedule adherence in 2020. That wouldn’t have been achieved without having a well-trained team who already overcame many obstacles prior to the pandemic such as changing trade policies, increased tariffs, and other challenges. SCDY and other training programs, which have been provided to our staff since 2006, has enabled our team to build a more agile and resilient supply chain, and to move from a reactive place to a proactive position.”


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