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Meet Muzun Alshenaifi: The New Chair of Mullhemah

Muzun Alshenaifi, Operations and Talent Manager at SMSCMC, has recently stepped into the role of Chair of the Mullhemah Committee. The Mullhemah Committee, which was launched across the BAE Systems businesses in Saudi Arabia at the beginning of this year, aims to create equal opportunities for qualified women to occupy leadership positions within BAE Systems in Saudi Arabia and to create an attractive and professional work environment.

Muzun has worked at SMSCMC for 4 years and prior to this worked at a non-profit organization for 5 years. She has a double Bachelor degrees in Business Administration and Accounting, with a diploma in Leadership. When Mullhemah was launched, Muzun held the role of Chair Deputy, so she has had an active role in creating and implementing the strategy, goals, and objectives. She has also been a member of the D&I Committee for 2 years, during which time she created and delivered a workshop on Unconscious Bias.

“Having a diverse team brings so many benefits to any organization, including a diversity of thoughts and perspectives which will increase creativity and productivity. It also helps to enhance the organisation culture, improve our reputation, and utilise the talents of the Kingdom.” explained Muzun. “More importantly, the diversity of the workforce is helping us to be aligned with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, which as one of its aims, seeks to empower women, increasing their participation in the Saudi workforce and enabling them to fulfil their potential.”

Muzun understands that women within the businesses are looking up for Mullhemah to support with increase the access to learning, Develop new opportunities as well as create an attractive and motivating work environment. “My hopes for Mullhemah is for it to provide the support, education and more importantly the inspiration to every BAE Systems employees, regardless of their gender, to stand out, reach their maximum potential, and grow professionally and personally.”